Best PC For Digital Photography

Well, the cold and rain this morning has ruined my planned outdoor session. Catching up on my reading I noticed an article in CNET’s Underexposed blog on Digital Photography called Poll: What’s the best bang for my photo PC buck? caught my attention – since I am breaking in my new Dell I bought just before New Years specifically because I needed more processing power.

So if you want to upgrade to a new PC and you do a lot of digital photography – I really recommend this article. My hubby is the techie – and my eyes glazed over two minutes into his explanation of what we needed to buy. This article is a bit easier to understand – and it actually confirms he made a good choice when balancing cost and performance. I ended up with a dual-core processor PC from Dell and it blazes! A few more things to consider if you are getting a new PC and you do digital photography.

  • The color management on Vista is still tripping people and software up. I had checked out my hubby’s dual-boot Vista/Ubuntu screens and I didn’t like what Vista did. It has to do with Vista not supporting ICC profiles – which I calibrate using third-party stuff because I am not a programmer and just want things to work. So I wanted my new PC to run XP! Dell was the only out-of-the-box solution. All my Adobe stuff works great!
  • I wanted built-in drives for all my memory sticks (I use 4GB sticks). The Dell came with that, and after a bit of tech support (had to open the thing up and reset the plug) it is great! No more hunting for my USB stick drives!

Now if it will only stop raining and I can get to work!!

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