all about tasha {pflugerville high school}

Meet the incredible talented Tasha ~ she came to all about me photography as a referral from these lovely ladies — thanks!  When Tasha called she knew from the beginning that she wanted to do an downtown urban session and that is just what we did.  What I’m not sure she factored into was the need to change clothes under a bridge while a bird pooped on the reflector she hid behind, nor did we realize that she was posing against a shrine one of the local homeless people had set up…needless to say, we left that area pretty quick-like.  Thanks Tasha for being willing to try anything and enduring the wonderful Texas heat!

Name: Tasha
School: Pflugerville High School, Class of 2010

Phobias? T: I have the biggest phobia of skunks. Surprisingly, there’s not a word for that.

Plans after high school? T: Attend UTSA in the fall and major in dentistry. I want to be a Pediatric Dentist

What sports do you play? T: I pole vault and run long distance

pflugerville senior photos

What’s your favorite TV show? T: That 70’s Show

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